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Green Power

Offers the following to your engine:
1. High Fuel Efficiency that reduced fuel consumption by 10%
2. Faster reaction to throttle that boosts engine acceleration by 10-25%
3. Low CO & HC exhaust emission, Eco-Friendly, to save the GREEN Earth.
4. Stable charging circuit and ignition voltage that starts engine instantly
5. Parallel connection to the battery that reduces the load and extends the life circle of battery

1. Using high-tech super capacitors with lithium-iron battery modules for instant-discharge to stabilize the large voltage and current.
2. Converting the AC sine wave pulse of the generator into a stable DC voltage so to stabilize the power and voltage of the car.
3. Agile and consistent current output improves the ignition efficiency of the spark plug to deliver the power fast and calmly, which enhances horsepower and torque. In the area of extreme weathers, you shall feel the instant start and rapid response from your car!

Applicable to all types of 12V vehicles
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